1st she throw chanel on
Then she throw gucci on
Everything she wears name brand

1st she throw fendi on
Then the michael korhs on
Everything she wears name brand

She wrap her head with a louie scarf
Before she go to bed
Wake up and hit the gucci store
That's how she blow her bread
Closet full of michael kors
She's a purse hoarder
She usually get 6 bags online when she order
She use to do the coogie
Now she doing gucci
Use to love french fries now it's sushi
She only do trueys if the names on the shirt
She rock prada shoes even thoe her feet hurt
Stacks on versace belts
Medusa heads
She only spend on her self
She aint having a kid
Plus she work 2 jobs to pay for this ish
Dior that dior this
A material chick


She buy valentino perfume for a buck 80
Armani skirts she went emporio crazy
She leave the tags on so you can see the price. Dolce and gabbana glasses
With the ice
Balenciaga, louboutin, givency and guiseppi
Her shoe game crazy. Her heel game heavy
She rock burberry scarves with the coach gloves. Brazillian remy weave body
Waived up.
She aint looking for a man unless his names designer
Barneys and norstrom is where you can find her. Name brands aint
Everything I try to remind her.
She laughs like barnzy I don't need a co signer


I wear chanel to go to sleep
Prada in the streets
Gotta stay dressed in the best

Fendi when I'm clubbing
Michael kors I be loving
I gotta stay fresh 2 death

My shoes
Got to be a name brand
My purse
Got to be a name brand
My skirt
Got to be a name brand
A material girl

My jeans
Got to be a name brand
My coat
Got to be a name brand
I took a oath
Got to be a name brand
A material girl
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Material Gurl Lyrics

Eddie Barnz – Material Gurl Lyrics

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