[Ed O. G.]

I'm bringin fear and all that, the gear I wear is all that

You wanna doubt me talk about me I ain't hearin all that

Because I'm famous, for waxin the toughest and the lamest, Amos

But not the same as, a sucker who's as plain as

Crackers, and get no wacker

You step up, I bust your rep up, and then I smack up

The posse you're with - are they your backup?

They better back up before they get racked up

Just like a pool ball get hauled off like a you-Haul

Or get played like a little girl's doll

A tough guy, who's rappin a A-B-C style like a child

Is just an infant, with an old-ass style - you better

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

" Stop, think for a moment okay" -> Guru

" Stop-stop, think for a momeny okay"

[Ed O. G.]

Suckers are sufferin, Ed O. G. Will get tougher than

All of the rest of them, they're waitin and wonderin

When will I get ill and bend, the comp like a piece of tin

You can't go against me, cause the sensei got you high again

So don't pop your chops Hobbes, unless you're ready to drop yo

I spoil your fun just like 5-0

Now the 'Bury's on the map, and saps with crap raps

Perhaps will lay low before I blow 'em like a sax

Cool out and max like a jazz player

Toot a sucker down and lounge.. For a day or, two

Drink a brew and then say a

Funky hypnotic I got it I flaunt it it seems to be ironic

That I'm spreadin like the bubonic, plague

I'm gettin paid, not played, and I'll invade

Like a renegade, I'm all night, your man's a Minute Maid

Y'knahmsayin? Suckers you know what you got to do


[Ed O. G.]

I'm gettin busy like a bee, tremendously it's the E

I'm rockin and keepin the people to partyin dancin with girls you see

I commence, to drench wrench trench the pretense

Of the past tense, cause I'm in it to win it

I'm gonna fly that head, and put some sense in it

So get your joint out your stash

But make it fast so you'll last

Pop weak you'll get dusted, I'll put a shell in your ass

When I'm whylin, smokin you sucker and then smilin

With laughter, after we beat you down

So get your uncle, the punk'll be pickin you from the curb troop

And if he got beef, we'll serve him too

Y'knahmsayin you suckers, you know what you got to do

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Stop (Think For A Moment) Lyrics

Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs – Stop (Think For A Moment) Lyrics