What goes down will come up
It is so plain to see, I see that
You spend your money
To come flying after me
I know your troubles
And I know that they are bad
I think that
They are the worst of any troubles
That you've had
Every body that you know
Don't you know now
They are all just a part
Of this little fiddle

And in this case it's so hard
To be wrong, yes now
When they're the ones that say that
Every home should have one
They call you s***
For what reason I can't see
You see I
I think that s***
Only can apply to me
The things you own
Have a real noticeable stink
And you see that
Things are really
Not as sweet as you think

Well you will find that it will be
Just like I said it would be
You can't change facts
Just by acting simply
You have much talent
But you're problems they are bad
You find that
You can't buy your way out of this
And that is sad
Yes now
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Little Fiddle (and The Ghost Of Xmas Past) Lyrics

Ed Kuepper – Little Fiddle (and The Ghost Of Xmas Past) Lyrics

Songwriters: ED KUEPPER
Little Fiddle (and The Ghost Of Xmas Past) lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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