I want to know what’s up inside her head
She doesn’t seem to act her age
She uses words that I have only read
On some incisive page
Nobody seems to want to talk to her
She seems happy just the same
The new girl

I can’t imagine what her home is like
They must do smart things all the time
I’ll bet they talk about what’s going on
Bet they’re happier than mine
She doesn’t have a lot of attitudes
She just seems to be okay
The new girl

She’s kinda pretty if you look at her right
I’ve never seen her unkind
Sometimes she disappears a week or so
The teachers never seem to mind

I’d like to ask her for her autograph
I’d like a sample of her style
I’d like to hold a little part of her
Contemplate it for a while
It’s kind of funny how we haven’t met
I wonder if I should
The new girl
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The New Girl Lyrics

Ed Hines Band – The New Girl Lyrics