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Fragile Lyrics

ECCO2K – Fragile Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Wake up, happy, wash my face in acid
I’m glassy, shattered, wrapped in bubble plastic
I’m fragile, wash my hands in gasoline
Matches and kerosene, please handle me carefully
(Damage me)
Sparkly, I’m glossed over
Come here, yeah come over
I can tell that somethings broken
Stop, smell the roses
I see things in stop motion
Skin, bone and sun lotion
Skin tone like Diet Cola
Skin tone like Diet Cola
So cold, vodka soda
I lost control of it
Ziploc of rat poison
Salt crystals dissolving, cook off the tap water
Lay down at dawn and crawl back up at nightfall

Stop my racing heart
Beat soft, hard
It stops and starts

[Verse 2]
My racing heart, it stops and starts
Breaks apart and paints the walls
Where did all this pain come from?
Break the laws and sell the cause
Break my chains, I change my locks
I want to talk to the spirit gods
I talk to you through broken jaws
Broke my teeth on something hard
I’m missing something
I’ll do it all for nothing
(Still or sparkling)

Vakna, vakna, vakna
Andas in, andas ut
Andas in, andas ut
Andas in
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Följ ljuset
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