Unlike yesterday, sore is my morning but I try,
Air still and dry, the allies so silent,
The sea gushed bleak from my window
Coats buttoned up, Eyes on the ground,
I see faces, no shine nor a smile
No sound of children laughing in park on my way to the pier

Summer is away, and world so grey
The clouds make my day so blue,
When I’ll miss your warmth the further we part ways
And I’ll call home to keep me sane

Spotted a man, swaying in the wharf, all alone
With a drink in his hand, dressed quite bland
But there was something I learnt from him

Summer is away and Im here to stay
Because the rains are here to wash away those tears
When I feel cold the more we part ways,
I’ll call home to keep me sane.
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Summer Is Away Lyrics

Easy Wanderlings – Summer Is Away Lyrics