The moons are lost in the sky
I call in question all the things I saw before
Invisible spirits hiding the secrets
Regrets twisting inside my veins

Crawling under my skin
Wrapping my mind
Fighting under my skin
Paralysing my mind
Chained to a past without future

Disconnected visions pass before my eyes
Bleeding images flying inside my soul
Unalterable silence
I canґt even heart my hearbeats
Ethereal earthquake
Hits and devastates our hell

Fight for what you will never reach
And reach out what you thought
You would never see
Powerless heartbeats
Hellish... Earthquake

Endless journey through my life
Deep inside the blackesthole

Evil demons dancing around me
They take me back to reality
Soundless screams and shouts
Theyґre driving me mad
Devouring my past
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Serpents Lyrics

Easy Rider – Serpents Lyrics