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Long Way Home Lyrics

Earthists. – Long Way Home Lyrics

The familiar cityscape has been colored navy
And in the city lights I feel the lives of people

The setting sun is dissolving into the sea
You watch it, feeling alone
It got dark as I'm looking for the words to say (to you)

I thought about the days we spent
In the place where warm air was flowing

Though I know I could never come back
Sometimes I really want to
Though I know I could never come back
I wish I could watch that scenery again

Memories of this place that I thought I would never forget are now covered with dust and will become memories of ancient times sometime soon

Familiar flowers that I found in a far-off town
Like a mirage
Fragrance the wind carries reminds me of a scene from the past
I wish there were this usual townscape when I turned that corner
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