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The Order Lyrics

Earth Crisis – The Order Lyrics

Fuck this hell that man has made, it's time for it to
End. Nature must endure, until death I will defend. This
Fight relentless, an apostle of the order that shall be.
Nature will be left in peace, the animals set free. The
Final end of wildlifes' habitat destruction. A future for
Species once pushed towards extincion. Animal murderers,
Violators of the innocent must die for their crimes.
Driven by avarice, this world is a fucking nightmare.
Blackened skies, deforestation, poisoned seas. This

Civilisation's price isn't worth the fee. Perpetrators of
This madness, your right to live is gone. Your burning
Bodies shall light the path to a glorious new dawn. If
Warnings go unheeded and pleas for mercy are ignored, our
Alternative to militant resistance is a half life in a
Dead world. Peace cannot exist without justice, they are
One in the same. Perpetrators of this madness, your right
To live is gone. Your burning bodies shall light the path
To a glorious new dawn.
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