[Verse 1: Earl]
My grandma’s passin’
But I’m too busy tryin’
To get this fuckin’ album crackin’ to see her
So I apologize in advance if anything should happen
And my priorities fucked up, I know it
And I’m afraid I’m gonna blow it
And all them expectations raising
Because daddy was a poet, right?
Talk all you want I’m takin’ no advice
Nigga, I’m about to relish in this anguish
I’m stressin’ over payment
So don’t tell me that I made it
Only relatively famous in the midst of a tornado
Misfitted, I’m Clark Gable, I’m not stable
Abrasive as fuck and they all pay me
I’m chucklin’, cross-faded in public
Heart racin’ so blood is leaked
Like I don’t give a fuck again, right?

[Verse 2: Vince]
I don’t fuck with too much of y’all’s shit
Judging by the pants and the mall grip
Gully, in the vans with the dark tints
Of a start-shit type nigga
Night life livin’
Ridin’ in the jeep, I’mma side-swipe niggas
What’s your life like? It’s aiight nigga
Hammer in the left, Freddie what’s the price of it?
Ridin’ with the whip and I ain’t got the license for it
Jill’s got em livin like my life is golden
Sittin’ on my sofa feeling high and dormant
If we could smoke another one, while Mike records it
Pass it to you, what the fuck you starin’ at?
Acting like you’ve never seen a piece of scared cat
Bars hotter than the blocks we be at
Stunt on these niggas, they flop like Divac
See that nigga?
For the time being, see that nigga?
For the time being, I’mma be that nigga
Believe that nigga, you see that nigga?
For the time being I’mma be that nigga
Believe that, nigga
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Burgundy Lyrics

Earl Sweatshirt – Burgundy Lyrics

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