This is one of those songs you can kick back
Smoke A butt, gettin reeaall fucked up
Id like to welcome ou to another experience
Of ho-Wop
Ladies you can me E or you can jus call me
Here we go

Id rather fuck with you all through the night
Cuz you're lookin good
Now I'm taking all your friends cuz you ran your mouth
Like I knew you would
Even thouogh I gotta flock that's pretty large
I don't want no front
But you know you gotta work real hard to be
My number one

Id rather fuck yoouuuu
Id rather fuck wit you

Id rather fuck with you cuz like the way
I run my game
I know that you like my style cuz you like the pleasure
And the pain
Doesn't really matter what you said cuz I aint got
No star
You can be my bottom girl and rise up to the top

[Chorus:] (x2)

Id rather fuck with you
Cuz the other chicks wanna wine and dine
You better hurry up and get this down
To the check out time
She said she wanted me to roll down town
But I think I'll pass
But what ya gotta do is through me first
And then get my cash

[Chorus:] (x4)
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I'd Rather F**k With You Lyrics

Eamon – I'd Rather F**k With You Lyrics