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Tonight Lyrics

E-40 – Tonight Lyrics

See, see, ballin

10 bottles, 20 hoes
Club shit, you know it goes
Poppin all week damn right
We doin the same old shit tonight
Tonight [x2]
We doin the same old shit tonight
Tonight (x2)
We doin the same old shit tonight

[Verse 1:]
Chain longer than a budget rope lookin like I sell dope
You can have the bitch I just want the envelope
I don’t hand cuff broads, broads hand cuff me
But I ain't into domination I’m a motherfuckin G
Ugh 50 by the free up and down the interstate
Fresh up off the lot dealership license plate
Egg white phantom ridin round in the mansion
Ain't a damn thang funny I’m nicky with the cannon
You can find at the after hours on
Slap a bitch with my samsung
Amma superstar my only tick tock watch
I’m a boss gimmi space like an astronaut
Money always callin so I answer it bank roll longer than the landing strip
Bops bettys and bottles, bottles bettys and bops
Look like fourth of July sparkling tops


[Verse 2:]
I got ice all on me like a nigga playin hockey
I ain't bullshitin lookin like a liveroity
40 carrot now swear it black coffee
Damn click click pow pow
It’s to keep the haters off me
Hood shit nigga still hit the blue flame
Old school chevy swear it cost more to set it
Coco Braine man yeah I blew out the brains
Freak fest this spending like it’s loose change
Won’t stop till I get Icon status
Fifth everyday nigga I can’t have it
Need to calm down cause my neck to bright
I’m like a walkin flashlight on the same old shit tonight


[Verse 3:]
I’m straight up out the tha Bay where niggas ride with the Glock box
Say me shit not when I slide by the block
Smokin on dope I got prescribed by the doc
Weed so loud can’t even I hide in my sock
Might through a big bet cause I’m high as the clock
Gettin top in the cockpit sippin on ciroc
Where I’m from niggas don’t talk
They mention it’s the Glock
Try to plot you get red dots just like some chicken pox
In the clubs be too hot we switch up different spots
And pimp in the parking lots till someone gets popped (pop, pop, pop)
Vut this shit don’t stop it’s in the game like EA
Balled last night now it’s time for the re-play


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