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Thirsty Lyrics

E-40 – Thirsty Lyrics

Thirsty, Thirsty [x4]
Why you acting all thirsty thirsty
Thirsty, Thirsty [x3]
They out here thirsty bra

[Verse 1:]
Ugh pull up to club like skrr
I’m in the chevy wha they do nigga
I was scoping lil mama in the skirt
But she a ratchet no shoes nigga
Man i hate it when they do that shit
Then tryna hop out inna nigga bed
But i’ll be damned if amma do that bitch
It’s real life

I hate it when a ratchet try’na sit on my lap lap
Man that bitch too thirsty
Ya ex nigga try’na come around tryna get that
Man that nigga too thirsty
I heard he fuck with rock, kate, gotti and all them (all them)
Haha why you acting so thirsty
Caught up at the bar everything is on 10 (on 10)
But you ain't gotta be thirsty

[Verse 2:]
I ain't ask fo ya phone number (phone number)
And I ain't ask who ya name is (name is)
See I ain't ask what ya drinkin (drinkin)
Don’t give a fuck who ya came with
I got my fame and my bank up
Takin on the phone walkin thru the crowd
Know I’m smellin like strong
Bitches in my line and i can see it in they faces
The wanna shake the clown ass niggas they came with
My shirt is from italy your man he ain't got shit on me
All my little niggas hittas and I ain't talking the little leagues
Reulet my pedigree about my fatty i heavy
His bitch is willin and ready she wanna give me the panties
It’s my way or the highway if you don’t like it get sideways
These thirsty hoes do what i say like gimme head in the driveway
Mondays to saturdays don’t sell dope on sundays
Similar to chick filets gotta an ak so don’t play


[Verse 3:]
Said I ain't ask fo ya phone number
Said I ain't ask what ya name is
Nah said I ain't ask what ya drinkin
And ain't ask who ya came with
Saw ma nigga at the turn up errbody wasted
Bottles on me and i ain't thinking bout pacing
Take it to the head everytime I’m on stages
Bottle of ciroc shawty i prefer the flavor
Red berry, coconut or we can do the peach
Shawty in my face saying can I get a drink, can I get a kiss
Can I get a hug, can I get a picture with you grabbing on my oww
Fuck it I’mma touch it let me do it for the flick
His shawty turn around and got to reachin for my dick
I said hold up the thirst been real funny thing bout she probably got killed


Thirsty, Thirsty [x4]
Why you acting all thirsty thirsty
Thirsty, Thirsty [x4]

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