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Highest Niggaz In The Industry Lyrics

E-40 – Highest Niggaz In The Industry Lyrics

I challenge you be Legit an E 40
To Numskull an Yukmouth
Lets see who get the highest.

The highest niggaz in the industry
You high like me be Legit?
(it's all you Yuk.)
The highest niggaz in the industry
An when you see us backstage nigga
Pass that weed

The highest niggaz in the industry,
40 Water you drunk as me?
Anytime Numskull (then lets get keyed)
(we the drunkest niggaz in the industry)
The highest niggaz in the industry,
40 Water, you drunk like me?
(Numskull you numb like me?)
Well lets get keyed.

I wish I had some half,
Mutha fuckin' plastic, I'm on the floor, an I can't stop throwin' up,
Devastatin', grippin' the toilet, regergutatin',
Like a fat ass rat,
On a big ass peanut blue trap,
I'm stuck,
Can't move,
Mud slides,
That are made up,
Can't focus,
I hang out wit,
Commrads an cromies,
Dudes an boys an,
Mutha fuckaz juss betta hope that he don't get liquor poison,
(liquor poison)
Mutha fuckaz best believe that they makin some kind of sense.

I been wit this Gin an Juice,
Cranberry an Vodka,
I juss came back from my pillow case slobbin' out Binaca,
I been tucked away,
Cuddled wit an Ivy toilet,
But I'm back now,
Commits to get it on,
Not spoil it,
I'm Drink-A-Lot,
Take a jug of sumpthin' big an do my thizzle,
Swig a grill of milk an start to whistle,
It's missile from the funk-nik,
I can't see it,
40 Water, you killin' me wit this cheap shit.

'Cause we the highest niggaz in the industry,
40 Water you drunk like me?
Well lets get keyed,
The highest niggaz in the industry,
40 Water you drunk as me?
(Anytime Numskull)
Well lets get keyed.

The highest niggaz in the industry,
You can't out-smoke me!
The highest niggaz in the industry,
An when you see us back stage,
Nigga pass that weed.


I can pin a marijuana nigga,
Love it like my mama nigga,
An if yo sacks ain't actin up,
Back it up,
Ain't no dub's like the ones I got,
An I'm forced to give 'em back 'cause my smoke don't stop,
Got me grooved to the curb,
Tryin' to get this mill,
Deep down in Killafornia where they grow good kill,
An my folks,
Be feelin I'm a big 'ol pimp,
They way I post in the Indies,
Smoke it on the hill.

Well juss pass me the el flamo,
My afro grow like Rudy Ramo,
Blunts to the facial turn into a human tornado,
Yes I'm able,
Cut up the gonga,
I'm Philly label blunt sponsered,
Blaze mo than a Grateful Dead concert,
So sweat the collar so I stay out yo bod-day,
I'm mighty morphine haterz couldn't stop me,
Be -Legit drop the bomb like Nazis,
20 blunts a day,
High got me smokin' big weed wit yo baby mommie.


Y'all better our name ain't reefa,
Or I be hittin mo bank jobs than Latiffa,
Get it shot up,
In a hot ride, wit a millameta,
Cannibus sintiva I blow in the challes,
You smoke mo than me,
Like the Cosby show nigga I challenge,
Let's see who be walkin' off balanced,
Fuck 'em wit Yuk it's curtains,
I smoke mo than Michael Irvin.

Swervin' big Lexus,
Throwin' 40 bottles out the roof,
Breath about 100 proof,
Slammin' bot-els,
Rod-els shakin' my back,
So gone,
I feel like hurlin' off the yak, (tell 'em Num),
Come on,
Roll the window down,
Let me get a tad bit of breeze,
My whole vision is seein' threes.

I got a plug so silly,
Smokin' on a Philly,
Mix it up wit 40,
Bitch I know you hear the music,
It's me be-Legit an the Ice Cream Man,
In the land,
We juss high as we can,
We in Japan,
Smokin' on a beela wit bitch,
Some niggaz niggaz about they mutha fuckin' riches.

Yeah, y'all might be high like Willie Nelson, (Willie Nelson)
True dat lil be ,
But lets play ping-pong,
Here take a swig of some of this make your stomach bleed,
About to re-check myself back into the rehabilitation center,
Alcohol an drug program,
Fix me up in that mutha fucka kick it, (wit who?)
Dave Perity an Jean Claude Van Damme,
You ain't tryin' to see me boy, (boy)
Yo nigga Numskull be drinkin like a sailor (sailor, sailor),
You niggaz betta stick to smokin' weed.


The highest niggaz in the industry,
Uh-huh, uh-huh,
Yo piano man, take us up on outta here playboy.
My get back skillz, my get back skillz.

I hurt my ass off by Drink-A-Lot,
But I'm about my cash,
But if an,
Ignit mutha fucka want to step to me,
I wouldn't hesitate to blast. (blast)

Biatch, biatch, biatch, biatch.
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