Everybody wants to talk about whatever,
Anything that doesn't matter, talk about the
Now everybody welcome to the us of A.
Where you can live like a king, if you've
Got the money to pay, and I know you try to
Tell me that the world is in need, but my
Heart can't bleed
And I try to walk around it, try not to think
About it, but it just keeps coming back in
Face, instead of the pain inside, get off this
Rock and get part of the human race
And it's all good intention, and life's too
Deep to mention, when we talk about the
Well can't you see the happy shiny look on
My face? I got my shiny new car, in front
Of my shiny new place, and I know you try
To tell my bout the hopeless in need, but
My heart can't bleed...
Now, here's what I'm talking bout, I'm bout
To pass my point a'breakin', and the fear is
Equal to the hate we are makin', and I
Know you always tell me that the world is
In need, but my heart can't bleed

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Talk About The Weather Lyrics

Death Precious – Talk About The Weather Lyrics