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Lovin' & Dancin' Lyrics

d'Z – Lovin' & Dancin' Lyrics

[verse 1]
I defy you
(To) Dance with me
Seduce me
I will make it worth
I promise you
I don’t mind to
Dance with you
Don’t lose me
Just get on your feet
I’m on to you

[verse 2]
Feel the heat when
Our bodies are movin’
It’s the chemistry
I’m looking for
We’re in league with
Sensual emotions
Don’t you dare to stop
Get on the floor

[verse 3]
I’m in love with
Every move we’re makin’
We don’t need the words
We used to say
I just love it
So exciting
In every way

When it comes to love
There is hope for us all
‘Cause there is enough
Enough, yeah
You just call
When it comes to dance
We can set ourselves free
We should give it a chance
Do it for you
Do it for me

[verse 4]
I can’t stop now
This is just a warm-up
Don’t be shy
Just be my lover, boy
Feed my love now
With your body movin’
Come on babe
There’s no need to be coy

When it comes to love...

[special chorus]
Life can be so good
Make love
Your heart
Wants to
(It’s) Never too late

When it comes to love...
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