There's nowhere to hide your love girl
Nowhere to hide your love

Like a flip of the switch
Turn the darkness to light
Get on the mic
Show the people what you like
Gotta smooth flow
Move in Slow Mo
Lyrical Swordplay
Verbal Sautee
Hear the replay
Makin Friction with my diction
Spittin science fiction
It's my intuition that's she's wishin
For a ride to the top
On a flight non stop
Let the kick drum drop
Take it back to the Rock

Hear it on the radio
Pump it on the stereo
Lose control at the show
Oh Oh It's rock and roll
Put another Lincoln in the jukebox
Rock the joint all night
Till the break of daylight
Out of sight
Style that's outrageous
A sound that's contagious
Jetsettin round the world
Man I'm rippin up the stages
I got pages and pages
Pass it down through the ages
It's time for everybody to be breaking out of their cages
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Nowhere To Hide Lyrics

Dynasty Electric – Nowhere To Hide Lyrics

Songwriters: SETH MISTERKA
Nowhere To Hide lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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