There is a place in your dreams
Full of magic and mystery.
It comes to life every night
Till it's time for the last journey.
Everything's so peaceful
The land is so calm,
Soft breeze caressing you
Like some odorous balm.
The only sound you hear:
The whirr of wings in the air,
Falling leaves and flowing creeks.
It's a place beyond compare.
The magic ghost world
Is calling you again.
A path of light shows the way,
Suddenly, you feel no pain.
Everything's so peaceful
The land is so calm.
You can't believe your eyes
Falling a prey to it's charm.
The beauty of the view
Takes your breath away.
It's all in front of you
But can't be yours anyway.

Every minutes, every hour
You are getting ever farther
Losing all your strength and power.
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The Last Journey Lyrics

Dying Wish – The Last Journey Lyrics