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Foxhole Prayer Lyrics

Dyin 2 Live – Foxhole Prayer Lyrics

The ground is shaking all around me
Smoke litters the sky
Drop to the ground and my friends all gather around me
As we say goodbye
Don't know if I'll ever see their faces again
After tonight
Roll in a hole as a bomb explodes
Please Lord help me through this fight

Don't leave me here alone, in this place of death
I just wanna make it home, but it aint over yet
There's still the bombs that are exploding
All around me,
And the bullets raining fire down upon me
Don't leave me here alone,
Keep me safe in this Foxhole

I get the call and my hope dies:
"we're moving out!"
Stand up and look around as light explodes in my eyes
And I fall back down
Darkness begins to blur my vision
Pain fades the sound
Drop my head, close my eyes
And I whisper a prayer into the ground

But then I feel Your hands, lifting me up to the sky
I hear a voice whisper in my ear "I've never left your side"
"And though you feel there's no more hope, don't fear,
Your not alone. For I am standing here, take my hand,
And I'll take you home.
You said:
"Don't leave me here alone", "well I've been by your side"
"I just wanna make it home", "and you'll be there tonight"
And now my pain sorrow have disappeared,
And though not quite like I'de planned, You've answered my prayer:
I'm not alone, and I'm going home. You answered my prayer
My foxhole prayer, foxhole prayer
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