Don't know.
Don't know
I don't know
I don't know why.

Don't know (repeat)

Big boy he told me every day he say he love me so
And I can teach him how to love me to the lighter day
All the lovin' and the feeling and the passion begun
Big boy go crazy and say goodbye!
He s being going and I'm telling for sitting down
He s got no time for telling me the reason how
He told me right
He left me so alone
I can show my baby that I'm love to strong, supreme
What s wrong boy don t make decisions when I'm burning
I don't know why someone is putting his eyes on me.
Baby ring
But they still have me.

Chorus x 2

Everybody need somebody so why did you let me go
Everybody need some lovin so why did you take me love
Everybody need a soul, a reason to live, to love, to be
I had your lovin, but your lovin it's lost to me.


I don't know (repeat)

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Don't Know Lyrics

Dya – Don't Know Lyrics

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