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Girls Lyrics

Dwight Twilley – Girls Lyrics

Well, I've seen so many things
I've been all over the world
Well, I've had ups and downs
I've been over for a while
I thought I knew everything
Between the bad and the good
Guess I was wrong because
I misunderstood about
Girls, girls

Well, when I was young
My daddy sat down with me
He said a good life is hard
If you don't know what you need
Well, I guess he was right
Because the way that's it been
There's still one thing
I just can't understand and that's

They want you to tell
Them you love them
They're soft and
They're warm when you hug them
They'll tease and hurt you
When you need them
They cry when you say
That you'll leave them

Tell her what I told you
Tell me what she tells you
Tell her what you want to

Well, I've been so many places
I just shouldn't be
But then it felt so good
That it was torture to leave
They say you can't live without them
But can you live with?
I'm just one man but
I'm shaking a fist at those

[Repeat chorus]

Tell her that I love her
Tell her I don't love her
Tell her what you want to

[Repeat chorus 2x]

Girls, girls
Girls, girls
Girls, girls
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