Henchman hobby, machine gun rap
Mйnage, casino stacks like Nino’s back in the projects
Practice perfection what I was taught
By the OG’s – the reason for me getting back to my lessons
We’re still thuggin though, we keepin it rugged but love it
I got your budget in my luggage, couple of clips, ball cutters
Fuckin with zips, 1/8s of quarters, place yo order
With the Warner Brothers supporters, that’s not up
It’s on us, on the house, line for line yo mind getting blown out
My Durag Dynasty niggas throw down
Move G, rock a wave cap just like a coofy in Mecca
Rocket launcher cop cars to send a message
Militant mind, direction design
Who was signed connecting, had to tell yo wifey don’t ever cook him smart for breakfast
The best is when the line is tested
I got your mind arrested, paying attention to the final second
Time to climax, a style like this
You couldn’t find with a finance assignment to assigning

Check it,
Egyptian cloth, solid gold cross
Tabernacle top low and behold when Shells Barclay you didn’t
Snoopin in the garden of the hidden false prophets
Plagiarize lines of my rhythm, divine design
Draped in the flyest vines, you niggas are blind
Can’t see me with the rhymes, it’s the massacre
Zulu passenger out of Africa, armed and deadly
Put a hit on your ambassador, toss confetti
Took fluid out the chalice, I’m Calvin Brothers
Who can do it more malice, I splatter your cabbage
Side dish with your cool grits
You ain’t playin with a fool that go fish
Father left fate, felonious fuck
I’m the shit with the pistol grip, ready to dunk
On your porta potty, sorta Gotti’s, acting hard body
But you really paid for thin like origami
My aura Gandhi, Mr. Mandela
Maliki, Clarence X, Cy Nether
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360 Waves Lyrics

Durag Dynasty – 360 Waves Lyrics