There's a place that I want to go
And it's only around the corner
The girl that I love
Lives four houses down
But if I go there, I'm a goner

Cause there's a gang
Hanging round the corner
Got a leader that digs her too
Waits for me cause he knows I want her
On the street that I can't go through

When I saw her the other day
As she came walking round the corner
The way that she smiled with
Her doll flashing eyes
Gave the answer I wanted from her

But she lives just around the corner
It's so near, yet so far away
Got to tell her how much I love her
No matter what price I have to pay

So I did what I had to do
And I met him around the corner
I saw a flash from the pain in my chest
And I laid there alone in the gutter

And the girl from around the corner
Held my hand and began to cry
She kissed me once
And she cried no longer
That's the way we said goodbye
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Around The Corner Lyrics

Duprees – Around The Corner Lyrics