A quest for a wealth untold
Reaping the fields of gold
A chance to live as a king for every man

Corruption within the state
Political disarray
No freedom or justice for all in the land

Our rights denied
Prepare now to fight
So, we swear allegiance, a rebellion to come
A new flag is raised toward the sun

As we stand below the Southern Cross
Brothers united as one
Stand together, a united force
We will all overcome

Renewed by the strength within
The oath sworn the wait begins
In grim resolve for what lies ahead

At dawn a surprise attack
Authorities striking back
The fields of gold now stained with seas of red

Our people may die
They can't take our pride
Oh, we swore allegiance, a rebellion was won
A new flag still raised toward the sun

Though we fought with our honor and pride
We're outnumbered a hundred to one
Defeated, but history showed
We have truly won
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Under The Cross Lyrics

Dungeon – Under The Cross Lyrics