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No Way Out Lyrics

Dungeon – No Way Out Lyrics

Take a look at yourself
What you see isn't real
It's just a part of your imagination I see you standing here in front of me, yeah
I hear you talking yet you should not be there

Just an image from my mind
A dark memory
Stalking close and never letting me be
I push you back, close the blind, lock you away
Drive out the pain and all the misery

No way out
Trapped in your world of make-believe
Lost in the dark, can't find my way
Your grip is tightening on me

No point in fighting you now
You keep on breaking the rules
I make the play
But you just turn it upside down
These games you play
You know they're killing me
Haunting my dreams
And never letting me sleep

What keeps you safe in your home
Your locked and bolted door
Who knows your dark fear of night
Your TV screen can't keep you warm
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