You know, there comes the times in our lives where emotions run high, and Morales low, and I'll be the first to admit I'm not ashamed that sometimes it just hurts us so bad.

I don't know, bout' the world,
But I know of a girl.
I don't care, I'm aware,
She makes me cry baby,
Cry baby.
She made me kiss, her cousin,
I wanted her, but she wouldn't.
It's not the same; it's such a shame,
She makes me cry baby, cry baby.

I know this girl,
Onion's her name,
Persuasion with curls,
When I made a pass at her,
She wasn't feeling me, her only wish,
Was to get rid of me.

My, things have changed,
Now that I've gamed
But it's too late,
Cuz I've got a main girl.
That don't restrain her, even contain her,
She wants to be with a young entertainer.


Oh, cry baby, oh, cry baby
Oh, cry baby, cry baby

I can remember,
It was September,
She was the baddest girl I'd seen.
Guess I was too shy,
And she was too fast,
I smiled at her, she glanced at me,
A few years had passed,
I asked her to prom,
Though she was in college,
She still had me gon' put up in my Honda,
Looking so fresh, but out comes her sister,
In the prom dress.


Cry baby, cry baby,
Cry baby, cry baby

She's sounding like an automatic
Every time I say a word, it's the
"Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep"
Girl you better get control of your
Self, self, self, self, self, self
Messing with you gonna find me in
Jail, jail, jail, jail, jail, jail

She know she want me,
Know she loves me,
Cuz she can have me,
Things could get ugly
Settle down baby, it'll be alright,
We could be cool,
Instead it's goodbye.

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Cry Baby Lyrics

Dukes Of Daville – Cry Baby Lyrics

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