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Robert Talking Lyrics

Duke Dumont – Robert Talking Lyrics

When I first discovered house music, let’s see - Okay let me try to think real quick. I think I was at a house party probably checking out some vibe and saying, oh man what’s that? And said oh, this was some of that warehouse vibe. I know I went down there to check it out and said oh this was cool

But the main thing that I grasped was from just being there was the unification of the party. How everybody seem like they were on one accord. You know everybody was there, you know like one unit you know and all embracing each other and the music. You know music boxes, so many other clubs; and even over here in England, whether it was just the shoom and ripped parties, confusion parties

So it goes back a long, long way, this house thing. You know me and being there and evolved and you in the feeling. My first experience and that’s what we were getting at, some of the most important deejays in that early stage was definitely Frankie Knuckles, and Ryan Hardy and Larry Levan. This was like the three inspirations for me. Coming up in the system you know

I know there was many other deejays back in the day and all - due respect to all of them, but those were three that I actually had a close rapport with, where you know I’ve been to their house, they’ve been to my house and we’ve been in touch with each other, like from a brotherly perspective, you know so that’s what I probably focused on. You know mentioning those three brothers often in the system. Because I had personal conversations with them, where I’ve seen them outside of their artiste kind of persona. You know I’ve seen them just ordinary, you know they were relaxed

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Umm, it also had disco to me you know and some of the break type material. Definitely the earlier disco era, the disco period where all the guys got inspired from a lot of that disco, tracks that Ryan Hardy and Frankie Knuckles were playing in Chicago. That’s where they generated the idea to go buy the sample units, the drum machines, the 303, 707, 909 -

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A lot of the young cats bought because it was the simplified way for them to reduce rhythms and from a cheap format. They couldn’t afford to go to the studios and pay for the kind of productions they were hearing on those disco tracks, but they could come up with little formulas you know that made them feel good. It’s always been about you know, trying to create something to make you feel good in return you know, Hopefully, it would make others feel good and you know -

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You know so that’s where a lot of the guys got inspired to you know, push this whole house system forward.Yeah!

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