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Trial & Error Lyrics

DUCKWRTH – Trial & Error Lyrics

[Intro x5]
Good morning

[Verse 1]
Good Morning, I'd like to introduce moi
Je m'appelle Duckwrth, Bonjour to all
I am from the future you are seeing what I saw and
I am so appalled so
The beat just got me spinning up on that Crankshaw Massacre
Frisco, psychedelic, reviving relics, embedded up in your brain, maintain them calisthenics
I'm flexing, flexing, spit verbs like I'm bench pressing, 400, 500, looking at they expressions
Like no it didn't, yes it did, suffer for a day and we'll bless the kid
Fine filaments for the Mexican, that's resident in me
If its space that is the place that getting me that presidential suite
If you read all of my tapes you see all my credentials meet
Which means crack potentially, no one getting the edge on me
If I'm delivering that food for thought, don't worry its on me
But it ain't free, everything costs, if its not yo cheese you ain't got no sauce
That's what they telling me but they lost, blind from the smoke of a Dulux sauce
Caught up in material goods but you can not take that when you gone
From this earth, from my birth, I've been blessed, I've been cursed
That trial and error uh, that trial and error yeah
From my birth, I've been blessed, I've been cursed, that trial and error

[Hook x2]

Up and down and down and up
I don't mean to be abrupt
But destiny refills my cup
Pour it in, Pour it out I am
Sipping on that marvellous
These scholars say in god we trust
So why is it that we lust

[Verse 2]
The beat just got me tripping up off them spaces, the ambiance
To the point I'm loosing consciousness, don't call the ambulance
I'm tapping into the universe with every verse I'm rambling
The essence of a champion, that's sampling a supernova
Notice in my manuscript, I'm spacing, spacing
I'm pented up past my spaceship
I'm traveling to them places that it take light years to make it
There is no point of return, I work for everything I earn
I kill that game put it in that urn, I live and learn and crash and burn
It's amazing, they disgrace me, innovation since my late teens
I'm leading the pack, all they see is my back, I am teaching all that they are chasing
But I do not see catching them up, so I run miles like its effortless
I'm first to bat they second up, and I spoke that part for irrelevance
Pick up the chalk and I pick up chuck, rap that beat get me on that slum
Spitting like a semi automatic pump, so enemies duck when they hear that duck
So profound, slow it down, just to get it right
If I was born yesterday, better know I been up all night
Studying Gandhi, Jesus, Julius Caesar
Stalin, Hitler, Mother Teresa
Malcolm, Marvin, all or neither
Whether you like them or not they teach us
Ain't no heroes with no villains
Ain't no justice with no killing
It's a balance if you listen, yin and yang's all in your kitchen
Masterchef we're frying chicken, keep it rolling, automobiling
With this vision I'm emitting, from the depths where goonies crept
Oozing text from my mind like Uzi techs, depict these thoughts like movie plex
Peep this tech from my complex, beg
From the most to the least, to the belly of the beast
I will strive to be the best and anything less can just decease
From the west to the east, from the church and to the street
They will surely hear my voice reflecting royalty when I speak
That trial and error

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