Lets all ride to the sunset, you'll live a little longer if you patch up you wound,
I wont last when the sun sets, so you haven't got a prayer when the time comes?
When I die I wont be headed to the right place... So let me take my gun.
My face is the face of A convict, do what you can to fill the hole in my chest.
Son you just don't have a chance. Oh good lord, you know you wont be coming home tonight,
Well my day gets better by the hour. When they find you with your face in the dirt.
When they shoot you partner down... Panic, panic fuels the crowd.
234 that bitch got a lucky shot on me, this wont be a pretty show,
My dogs got better luck than me this wont be a pretty show.
So now old yeller please come save my soul...
Everybody inside keep your face down, I'll spray my gun on you all. Everybody leave.
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Sgt Slaughter Lyrics

Duck Duck Goose – Sgt Slaughter Lyrics