Bus, 17 hours
That we did something at the last hour
Your traits are that your fat
My spirit conetext
Patrice, played volleyball, and atmospheres
But I have some images, of your mama
Who, something hours...
We demand hospitality
The paradox of your mama makes me cry
Our rend something: exist
I have no clue...
People watchs, his corps play
Bonne humeur hahahaha
Then a few hours later
The front cover something, I'm a millionair.
Something about your father and a bonheur... Hahaha
The vie something fragile
The crain...
Your humiliating
Alot of something
Bouger haha, what's that?
Song name....
Diccicult situations
Fragile vie
Your sister
Our musqique
Well I'm bored now...
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La Vie Est Si Fragile Lyrics

Dubmatique – La Vie Est Si Fragile Lyrics