I want to seemountains of snow in July Fireworkscrossing across the blue sky When Igo I'm taking afew things with me I'd like to goin the late afternoon With thesun going down To give wayto the moon When Igo Make sure Idon't feel a thing I want dozens ofroses surrounding my bed Sad lookingfaces with pain and regret When Igo I want thewhole place painted red All my ex-loverswill talk through the night Heart breakingtales of passion and pride But they'll say That I had acunt made of gold I wanna gosideways and facing the sun With money tospend so I can have some fun When Igo Those thingswill matter to me Please putme somewhere Nearthe sea With onecaring angel Waitingfor me He'll be holdingmy heart in it's hand Butmost of all I'd like togo with a friend
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The Funeral Lyrics

Drugstore – The Funeral Lyrics