Ahh/Trackmasters/My boo/
Dru Hill/Foxy/
I'll na na na na na/
Na Na, uhh, that's the shit/
Look at her/

Playa haters/
Every minute wanna/
Stop my dough/
And every other minute/
Wanna rock my flow/You know/
And every third minute/
Y'all wanna swerve in it/
Come quick like a virgin in it/
So far/Came through this year/
With no bra/Sheer shirt/
Shakin my Na Na/This head hurt/
Got em strung/Let em know/
I'm like a Icee/For the best effect/
You gotta use your tongue/
Find my G-Spot/Get me hot/
I'm ill/Foxy chocolate baby/
Got Milk/Shake that ass/
Like you just don't care/
Cause y'all just rookies in the game/
What/Work niggaz/
Like you one of the live niggaz/
Fly niggaz/
Known to handle the pie nigga/
Chick in a/Off-white pearl six/
On the cellular/
Gettin them open like Girl 6/It's on

She's a bad mamma jamma/
Just as Foxy as can be/
(As Foxy as can be)/Hey/
She's a bad mamma jamma/
Just as Foxy as can be/
(As Foxy as she can be)

Player haters/
Every minute wanna/
See your clothes/
Then every other minute/
Wanna know what you drove/
Then every third minute/
Wanna know if the fur's rented/
That's why I got/No time for hoes/
It's the Brown Fox/Surround blocks/
Sound nice/See me dressed/Vvs/
Round rocks/See me just/
Play the low pro/
Got these rap chicks in a chokehold/
You're wastin your time hatin me/
I'm like one point five/
Got to make it three/
My name will forever ring/
Got em screamin/Damn Fox on everything/
Hell yeah/For the paper rip a hot draft/
Only for the right dough/
Shorty got that/Still in here/
I'll be down when you're goin broke/
I'll Na Na/
Master tracks like Tone and Poke/And it's on

She's the bad mamma jamma/
Just as Foxy as can be/
She likes to get down/
And get down and give head yea/
She's the bad mamma jamma/
She's the reason why my name is Woody/
Just as Foxy as can be/
Ya-hoo!/Nana nana/
I'll nana nana nana naaa!/
Ya-hoo!/Nana nana/
I'll nana nana nana naaa!/

Playa haters/
Every minute wanna shit on wax/
Then every other minute/
Talk behind your back/
Then every third minute/
Wanna rock you Venice and Bourbon/
Nah I ain't got time for dat/
That's why I fakes no jacks/
I got chips to gain/
I'm like Bo Jack baby/
I'm hip to the game/
I know it well/Rock Prada over Chanel/
A H-Class hoe/
With the H. Findel/
Rhyme deep in footwear/
Via Spiga/Like Aaliyah/
One in a Million/
There's mc's in this rap shit/
Comin in illin/Like I did/
Laid the groundwork for five hits/
Member when I told y'all/
First week out/Shipped a half a mil/
Niggaz freaked out/Love yourself/
Put no one above thee/
Cause ain't nobody gon'/
Fuck me like me/It's on
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Big Bad Mamma Lyrics

Dru Hill – Big Bad Mamma Lyrics

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