I watch the pale winter sky darken
Hughes of pale crimson outline the clouds
The swell of the ocean and the tide
Tells the tale of centuries
And laying deeply withing the soil
The roots of the trees which have seen
Time come and time go,
Empires rise and fall
The moon and stars light a path across
The now black ocean
A horizon so distant yet beckoning
And a gate to oblivion below
Through the desolate baron void
I know the tragedy that awaits me...

I smile at the thought that one day
I will be at one with all this
Eternal grief, eternal life and
To be in the kingdom of his domain
The dark pull in nature takes over
And I'm taken away
The darkness of the night my steed
Death my companion
Embraced by a tragic end
No tears for me my friend
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Embraced By A Tragic End Lyrics

Drowning The Light – Embraced By A Tragic End Lyrics