There was a time when I used to run away
Anytime I started to fall 'cause
Love's never been very kind to me
No baby
Not very kind at all
Until you stole my heart away
Somehow you helped restore my faith
In something I thought wasn't for me
Now it comes so easily
Because I love you


You're the flame that sets my soul on fire
That special girl I prayed for every night
That pretty melody that plays over and over
Again in my head
Because I love you
Forever stare at you and never get tired
Honey I'm ready to spend my whole life with you
Because I love you
Yes I do

Verse 2

I never thought in a million years that I
Could feel the way that I feel, no
How I get butterflies
Whenever your lips touch mine
I must confess my dear
That it was instantly, right from the start
A special bond between you and my heart
How it skips a beat
Whenever our eyes meet
And simply said the reason being
Because I love you

Repeat hook


Girl I know there'll be differences we
Have along the way
Where our views may not always be the same
But I swear I'll try
To hear out your side and compromise
'cause I've realized
That with you I want to spend my life
Because I love you

Repeat hook
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Because I Love You Lyrics

Drop 'n Harmony – Because I Love You Lyrics