Here's the lyrics to Drivin N' Cryin's PEACEMAKER:
Stormmaker give me storms that shine with me in ????
Windmaker blow my mind that shows me there's another kind
They had me believin' that all white men could shake my hand
And make a stand
Man m
Aker make me men that take their time to live with them
Cloud maker make me clouds that spell out problems true and loud
Dawn maker show me dawns that rise with me and show my bones
He said we can do better than that but that who clap will soon forget
Have you heard the changing words?
Peacemaker make me peace and I will be the man you seek(repeat 5 times)
Rolling wonder...
Rolling river...
Friendmaker make me friends that stand with me unto the end
Daymaker make me day that last as long
As I can take
Have you heard the wolf creepin' around my door while I was sleepin'?
I figured they would be so one as to slap my blisters for the promise
Sam White
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Peacemaker Lyrics

Drivin' N' Cryin' – Peacemaker Lyrics

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