The best I can hear - I have chronic lyricosis.

-I can tell you things that I have never told no one.
-I can sing you songs that I have never sung [no one || but once].
-I don't have to know it's late to open up my [shades].
-Seeing is believing, 'cept when you walk through my day.

-Here comes the morning, cool cool morning.
-Time won't remember, the [faith] less [morning || warning].
-Need no reminder, that you're my truest friend and confidant.

-Mountain high and river low, through the oceans we will [go || flow].
-I haven't heard your voice for many tears and years and fears ago.
-Singing songs and walking 'long, and then from time we will gather 'round.
-Seeking simple greetings. Goodbye. Hello. How are you ?

(Chorus twice 'cept 1st time this difference)
-How many mornings, are you my truest friend and confidant ?

-I fell into a pond, and down below I found a friend.
-He told me I would never see the light of day again.
-He handed me a book, inside he [proudly] wrote my name.
-The cover read "This Is To Be The Life You Live My Friend".
-The pages were many, of times and sorrows.
-Still not as many, as friends tomorrow.
-Walk with me softly, for you're my truest friends and confidants.
-When I call you friend and confidant.
-You're my secret friend and confidant.
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Friend Song Lyrics

Drivin' N' Cryin' – Friend Song Lyrics