Read it in the paper, watch it on TV
War, crises, radiation, revolutions, disasters
The world seems to go round the bend
And everywhere there is corruption

Bribed politicians - see!
Corrupt cops see!
Power hungry presidents see!

We let ourselves be blinded, nobody sees the truth
Opposition eliminated and the media says
Just an accident
Anyway a lot of palms are greased

Is this right? no !
What can we do? fight !
Against King Corruption ! -yeah!

Before our blind eyes
King Corruption reigns supreme
How to tell the children the difference,
Between good and bad?
Even if we don't know where the border lies

Break, break, break, the power of corruption
King Corruption reigns
Who can really see
King Corruption reigns?

Moguls wallow in intrinsic power
They control us because they constitute law
They plunder our world and sell it back gift wrapped

Everywhere see!
2ing of starvation - see!
Charity arriving too late!

We shouldn't fight them with weapons, but with reason and resolution
Otherwise the day will come, when we get blown away
Let's declare war on King Corruption
Remember it's them or us
Everyone yeah!
Has the right to live - yeah!
And to fight for right - yeah!
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King Corruption Lyrics

Drifter – King Corruption Lyrics