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Thirty Whacks Lyrics

Dresden Dolls – Thirty Whacks Lyrics

Thirty licks with a belt - same old tricks on myself
And I wonder does everyone else live this way
A succession of tests a triumphant success
Each time I'm still intact at the end of the day

Thirty drops in a glass - keep my temper and pass
With my breath held you bastards you lucked out again!
Its not really so bad, there's still mom there's still
Damage to do before they wrest the axe from my hands

Its no mystery: you should obviously go
Before I break everything
You're always telling me that you're dying to know
But you're not really listening

How do I manage to station myself in harms way
And only get hit with a ticket for loitering
That I have no way to pay - and no strength to argue
My personal demons can scheme with professional care
Oh, god, they're after me
If I could shut them out just for an second
I swear
I could stop this catastrophe

Thirty day guarantee
But they can't have meant me
After all I was born to a childproof world
No sharp corners or glass,
Small objects or plastic bags
Please, these are death to a delicate girl

Its no mystery - you should obviously know
That i'll destroy everything
So don't go telling me that you're dying to know
Cause you'll get what you're asking for

And I still manage to station my self in harm's way
And only get hit with a ticket for loitering
Stating I came the wrong day
Now all the demons are screaming their wages aren't fair
I've left a secret kept
If I could shut them up just for a second I swear
It'll look like an accident
I could be decent yet
The magnificent end
I could be president....
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Songwriters: Amanda Palmer
Thirty Whacks lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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