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Chicken Noodle Soup Lyrics

Dreezy – Chicken Noodle Soup Lyrics

808 Mafia
What the fuck is up, man?
You already know this Dreezy, we back in this bitch
And niggas askin' me stupid shit like who my competition
Ain't no fuckin' competition
Y'all in 2018, we in 2020, man, y'all ain't on shit
Shout out my nigga Southside
That bitch is gon' have to come with it, for real
I ain't even fuckin' around no more, look

Pull in Neiman Marcus right before I spark it
Let the valet park it then I hit Chanel (Foreigns)
LA regardless, all my haters garbage
And they shop at Target or they findin' sales (Bums)
I'm the new wave, fuck what you say
Got the cross on me like dulce (Uh-huh)
I keep a nigga with the deuce-deuce
Every hundred on me got a blue face (Blue face)
Bring the AC with the AP (Burr)
The type of bitch a nigga can't keep
Got the top down, sittin' waist deep
I'm like, "Can you see me?" They like, "HD" (You see me, ho)
Bad bitches who I fuck with
The rest, I wouldn't put shit past 'em (At all)
Used to want to be a good girl
Now I'm finessin' niggas like a rich pastor
First check I got was like 50K
Went and cashed it out and just laid in it (Laid in it)
I don't care where you roll spliffs
We just dump the ashes, let the maid get it (Ayy, clean that shit up)
Made a name but ain't chase the fame
Bitches trade respect for a paid gimmick (Fake ass ho)
They sent for me so I came with it
Competition feelin' like a game scrimmage (I'm winnin')
I'm up before the cock-a-doodle-doo
At night I make it rain like chicken noodle soup
Got your nigga jumpin' through the hula hoops
He gave me top at 2, I told him toodle-loo (Bye-bye)
Niggas cappin'' like they really in the booth
But they just doin' somethin' 'cause it's cool to do
Heir to the two, shit old to me, it's probably new to you
I ain't goin' back to what I used to do (Never)
Bitches hatin' on me in an Uber Pool (Bum)
Fuck a nigga, man, I'm super cool
Brought my sis to LA on a Friday
Monday, she was like, "I flew to school"
They know she my sister so she cool in school
Gettin' money like a Jewish dude
Niggas switchin' colors like a Rubix Cube
All these bitches switchin', I'm like, "Who is who?" (Who the fuck is these bitches?)
Mani pedi, meet me at the Bevy
When we throw money, shit look like confetti (Money)
Shooters hangin' with me out the Chevy
White girl rollin' doobies like she Lil' Debby (Ayy, roll that shit)
Lost a legend, RIP to G-Dot
Smokin' like a teapot, I can't wait to rerock (My bitch)
Got a ticket with me like a kiosk
Ballin' like a bi-yotch, flier than a peacock
And I'm ready for bitches to diss me (Yeah)
Got that new-new, I ain't talkin' Nipsey (Yeah)
Takin' shots, you was already tipsy (Pussy)
Still finessin' the game like a gypsy
Still rockin' Timberlands like I'm Missy (I be rockin' that shit)
It get sweet, bro pull up with that glizzy
Pockets on full but my feelings is empty (No hard feelings)
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Songwriters: Jordan Timothy Jenks, Joshua Howard Luellen, Seandrea Sledge
Chicken Noodle Soup lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.

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