This is the first time we meet.
Your face is drawing surprise
We walk in the same way
I've forgotten my departure.
This is the final destination
Between my hand and your heart.
Let me know
How high you do wanna fly

This is your final destination.
Flowers are growing in your smile.
Look for the water
That i'm spilling in your sight.

Share all the dreams you haven't made.
With no more explanations to give.
Releasing your hunger
Is my reason tonight.

I know a place where you'll be ok,
That's been waiting for you till now.
Can't you see it through my words?
Can't you see that is my heart?

This is the final destination.
A card is writen in my lips.
Taste its meaning
Cos' it's enveloped with a kiss.

This is my final destination.
Some kind of light heats me inside.
Look for the rainbow
That is lightening in my skin.

Silence tastes better with your pleasure.
This is what I want you to give.
Releasing your hunger
Is my reason tonight.

We must only think in ourselves.
Forget what you are supposed to say.
Can't you see we've only this time?
Can't you see it through my heart?
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The Final Destination Lyrics

Dreaming Days – The Final Destination Lyrics

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