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Outer Limits Lyrics

Dreamboys – Outer Limits Lyrics

We, we, we, we, we, we, we
We met in fancy dress
That’s how it was to be
But I never was prepared
To cope with all your idiosyncrasies
And in the cold light of the day
Things don’t always look the same
I wondered were you really ill
Or did you always look that way

It was here in the outer limits
It was oh such a long long time ago
I was so happy, happy in the outer limits
I just never wanted to go

What she collected in glass jars
That was all of hers and not mine
Because she spent all of her evenings
And the rest of us were tight
Her strange habits her strange hobbies
Made strange noises in the night
Ooh I guess I knew all along
Something wasn’t right


I asked her to change her ways
She wouldn’t even try
I used to always tell her look
I’m just an ordinary guy
But then they caught her
They questioned me
I had to testify
But I used to always tell them
I’m just an average guy

No no oh no please don’t take me away
I didn’t know what she was
I didn’t know who she was
I only loved her
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