[Recorded live at the Limelight, ny, March 4, 1993. ]
[The samples are from a reading of James Joyce's book, ]
["Dedalus - Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man". ]

"Chapter One. Once upon a time, and a very good time it was,
There was a moo cow coming down along the road. "

"So He came Himself in weakness not in power
And He sent thee, a creature in His stead,
With a creature's comeliness and luster
Suited to our state.
And now thy very face and form dear mother,
Speak to us of the eternal;
Not like earthly beauty, dangerous to look upon,
But like the morning star which is thy emblem,
Bright and musical, breathing purity,
Telling of Heaven and infusing peace.
O harbinger of day! O light of the pilgrim!
Lead us still as thou hast led.
In the dark night, across the bleak wilderness
Guide us on to our Lord Jesus, guide us home. "

"'Tower of Ivory? ' they used to say, 'House of Gold? '
How could a woman be a tower of ivory or a house of gold? "
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Eve Lyrics

Dream Theater – Eve Lyrics