As I stand at the precipice of my soul
I stare deep into it's black abyss
I'm numb, scared and shaking with a sweat on my brow
This time I've bitten off more than I can chew

There's an old post standing almost out of place
A silent witness with scars from times before
A fateful warnings inscribed "all secrets are kept"
But we cannot promise pity or redemption

All this pain is confusing, has me all out of sorts
I often think I can't go on anymore
All I ask is please don't judge me, don't judge me at all
Until you walk a mile in my shoes

I find solace in the bleeding from the scabs on my wrist
And my forehead and also on my face
I know that no one else can see the strangers I meet
As they come to me when all others are asleep

If you find yourself with these words in your hands
Then I have be unsuccessful in my quest to survive
The pain and the guilt of my spineless existence
Was so much more than I was worth
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A Mile In My Shoes Lyrics

Draxsen – A Mile In My Shoes Lyrics