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Lose Control Lyrics

Drapht – Lose Control Lyrics

I lose control
Represent my soul and my heart
Held for a start
Against the whole word in the dark
Fell from the ark
I'm noahs third animal
Never making the cut, fed to the canibals
Man I'm pulling my head out
Start making a change
I'm a fool but I've set out to represent your name
Came up from no fame and fortune
Just to live life and hold my head high
When i walk through the crowd of these doubting eyes
Walked every day
Every night
Never found the light
Just mounting ties with these hood rats and snakes
All the people you call crims I call my mates
I break laws to live
Never take more than needed
Skateboarders' them graphers leaving the walls bleedin'
Yeah we're reading
Yeah we're just as cultured as men holding holsters
And upper class vultures
A pulse is the only difference with you
While you drive a rolse royce I hold the vision of truth

While you hold the cash
I hold the bloody passion of a knife
That will fight for his king
And his country
And his life

I lose control (I lose control)
Of everything (of everything)
I've ever known (I've ever known)
I lose control (I lose control)

I lose control (I lose control)
Of everything (of everything)
I've ever known (I've ever known)
I lose control (I lose control)

Driven to the bottle
God has gotta save me
I'm lost in the matix
You must turns to maybe
He's forgotten, maybe betrayed me
Left me rotten
Maybe be thankful for life that he gave me
Yeah that lazy day in september
Blessed with a good heart
But cursed with a temper
Yeah 10 percent of your bloods from a emperor
The fam you decend from defend no surrender
And when ya
Lose it its your fault
Your bad
Cant catapult all the blame back on your dad
Mad cause the way that he raised you
Made you
The man you are today
Now one made those mistakes too
Its the break through
Finally see you making tracks
Make one wrong move bruz
See you taken back to square one
Where one will never recognize
That you switched your position until you go and check the dice
And the second time over isn't easier
No one will believe in you
And all your friends are leaving you
And growing up
Moving on
Know enough when you were wrong
People might remember to call you and ask you how your goin'
And no one gives that theres no existing love for you
Maybe you'll believe in yourself
And you'll start loving too
Knowing this is the key to the treasure chest

The last place you look that you'll never guess
I cant ever stress enough now man
I pick up blocks of gold
Turn em to sand
Everything i seem to touch
Seem to turn to stone
I sware I lead the pack
Look back, I'm alone
Cant control myself
Hold myself together
Losing faith in the game
Even tho I'm better than the competition
Its so undefined
I need to listen and the only problem is that
I lose control
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