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Cocoon Freestyle Lyrics

Drakeo The Ruler – Cocoon Freestyle Lyrics

The doors on the whip Kamikaze
You get extorted, nigga that’s your problem
I’m riding around town with a rocket, it’s not science
Again with the gangster shit, man stop lying
Come pull up with nothin' but Karo, nigga I’m not buying ‘em
I’m riding with a bitch in the rear, she got mileage
She fucking for a fee, I’m giving her my guidance
I’m all about the green, my spinach, I’m Popeye
Remember we was broke and eating at Popeye’s
The oven in the kitchen was cooking up potpie
Laughing while I’m watching the news, your mom’s crying
I really crashed foreigns in real life, be quiet
The pussy been better than yesterday, she finer
I do this for the thrill and chill, bitch I’m MacGyver
I’m riding with a criminal background and I am
Siding through the senator beach, no ceasefire
The Bogeyman creeping and crawling, bitch I’m MacGyvin’
In traffic I’m a dreadhead, Solo think he a rasta
Who really with the bullies in school, bitch my partners
These little niggas talk too much, they not 'bout it
I’m cooling in the back with the pits and Rottweilers
Givenchy and Moncler coats, I keep styling
These Maison Margielas is giving me free problems
Only rapper with ten chains in the game and still flocking
Hopping out the Batman, black man, just another black man
Who you expecting to see, Robin?
They think 'cause I’m a rapper it’s gon' be easy to rob me
3206 Naomi if it’s a problem, it’s nothing
Shooting kids, I heard I hit your little brother
Mr. Mosely, I’m the topic of discussion
Fake ass rappers, who he think he Joe Budden
We pay contractors, got commas, it’s nothing, ugh
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Songwriters: Darrell Caldwell
Cocoon Freestyle lyrics © FETCH PUBLISHING

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