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Calling My Name Lyrics

Dragonland – Calling My Name Lyrics

This dream is my world
(What do you want to call me a murder for? I've never killed anyone)
I don't uh, I don't pretend to go uptown and be anything fancy
I can, but I find more real in the world that I'm then I do in tinsel
The real world is something I have to deal with everyday, y'know
Umm... Believe me if I started murdering people, there'd be none of ya left

Rain's pouring down from blackened clouds
Blazing storm of chill
The sky is torn from lightning and from rage
There is no shelter from the wrath
God-forsaken force
I'm standing drenched and soaked in ice so cold

Can it be
It's my fate
All this blazing hate?

See as I fall
So deep into the sky
The spirits are calling my name
They beg me to free them someday
I will be sane

Snow's falling down from clouds above
Tearing down the sky
I must release the spirits now
I must release the spirits now

Raging hate
Is my fate
Is it all too late?

Remorse for what?
You people have done everything in the world to me
Maybe I should've killed, four-five hundred people than I would have felt better
Then I would have felt like I really offered society something
You've got it stuck in your brain that I murdered somebody
What do you want to call me a murder for? I've never killed anyone

See my scarred body and mind (Body and mind)
As I'm laughing at the sky

See as I fall
Into the sky

Lightning is burning my soul!

See as I'm fall
Into the deep blue sky
No spirits are calling my name
I'm begging to be freed from pain
I am no more
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