Time broke in dismally lit halls of overwrought
Attempts to speak of kinships found though never sought
I am the death of man
I speak but falling on deaf ears it seems
Becomes the stagnant sequence
Buried words perched atop a fallen dream
Soak up the torment and pin it to your broken face
I am the black seed, the shadow born from eons of disgrace

Break this neck
Cover me up in a blood-stained bed
For now

We never asked for this guilt
We never sought to see what's down the line
It's like two comas in succession

Redraw the line
As we stumble backwards, crumble in the tide
Wipe your fears away
These crippled hands grow impatient
Collapse the time
Fill this cup now with the soured blood of Christ
And twist the knife again
The more I look the more I see through this opaque charade

I beg forgiveness, reprisal
Return to me what once was mine
(Tenfold this time)
Conviction, desire
Rolling stones up a steep incline
I stand for every spoiled rotten race of leaders to come
So end this now
Let every river welcome the flood

Stick, stuck, stung
With the poison of a cowards tongue
Black eye bruise
Tells the story of a made up truth

As every hour lasts a lifetime
So every instance is a waste of time
Like being strangled by a kite string

I want it
I need it
I feel it
It falls apart
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Opaque Lyrics

Draconic – Opaque Lyrics