She can pick a pony she can shake and bake a chicken leg
She's, like, smoking and sitting on a powder keg
So I'm out standing in the fog
Calling for her cat while I'm walking her dog
Peel her bark, feel her bite
She my baby, she all right

We were gonna do it and I knew it and she knew it too
I know what I'm doing and I know the one to do it to
Here she comes now ain't she cute
All dressed up like a prostitute
Look at her, look at me
She all right, she my baby

Well everybody thinking she's too good for me
People looking under her hood for me
It's all right I got it we're all set
And if there's a disagreement among the participants
We don't care as long as I can handle her instruments
Got an invitation to jump over her net (woo! )

I'm gonna make a statement and she's gonna take it down
Then she's gonna ride her bike and pedal it all over town
Most extreme I've ever seen
Wide open space if you know what I mean
Tight comes loose, loose gets tight
She my baby, she all right
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She All Right Lyrics

Dr. Frank – She All Right Lyrics