Andromeda Klein [x2]
Born under a cryptic sign
The water of air
The fire of Earth
Whatever that might be worth
And it's written "Every Man and Every Woman is a Star"
Does it bring you any closer to deciding what you are?
Tower and star

Andromeda Klein [x2]
Chasing down the borderline
A card you can draw
A chart you can check
To find out how it's gonna wreck
And they cluster all around you 'cause that's just what creatures do
And you know somethings are bottled but you don't know if they're true
Great Cthulhu, woo-hoo-hoo

Examining the universe
It's hard to fail to see
Just how uncooperative
The universe can be

It's no easier [x2]

It's no easier [x6]
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Andromeda Klein Lyrics

Dr. Frank – Andromeda Klein Lyrics