I came to get it all
I came to get it all
Put your hands up
Get your ass up off the wall
Fuck if I'm leaving with half
Fuck if I'm leaving with half
I'm putting everything in now I want everything back
Doors open like a centrefold
On stage, feel in unfuckwithable
And no two shows are ever identical
So every time you see me flo I'm at my pinnicle
And I'm aiming for the nosebleeds, everyone who knows me
Holdin' up the Dub into the air like a trophy
Givin' me a hand to a hater that's a bitch slap
My time is the present I'm just takin' off the gift wrap

Well I've seen
Exactly what you what me to be
But that don't mean nothin to me
At all
I want it all
I've got dreams larger than you'd ever believe
But I don't want nothin for free, at all
I want it all

When they tell you slow down when your goin this crazy
Wake up and smell the roses before your pushing daisies
Well 'imma keep pushing like the day my momma made me
For life is but a dream and nobody better wake me
Goin hard with it, gettin' blues, steal swagger
Like an anvil went and dent it with a hammer
Rollin like a camera, focused like some film
And I'm ready for my close up in that Coupe De Ville
But you can have your coupe back I'm a pontoon that
Catamaran jams with the fan blowing fruit back
Feel in' I'mma booth that, winner on the two track
And when it's my time to win, I monsoon that


I just can't wait
You bring the liquor I'm on a chase
And I'mma keep running until the race is done
And the race ain't won
But I want it so bad that I can taste this one
Go hate, I know you're only happy when it rains
But I won't be happy to play the game, I'm done
It's the same old song and the same five burning yellow flames still strong


I've got dreams
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I Want It All Lyrics

Down With Webster – I Want It All Lyrics